Friday, November 5, 2010

Brush Bar: Sigma E40 Blending Brush

I've decided to add a new series of posts to my blog, called Brush Bar. In this series, I'll be selecting individual brushes from my collection and telling you what I think about them.

First up is the Sigma E40 brush (formerly known as the Sigma SS224, but they changed their numbers). This brush retails individually for $9. Click here to visit Sigma's website!

This brush, made of natural hairs, is supposed to be the dupe for the MAC 224, but I personally think it is bigger in comparison. I find that this brush is best for blending out harsh lines, blending colors together, or applying any colors that I want covering the majority of my crease+ area (I like using it with "best friend" colors like MAC Modelette). This brush is a little too big to apply a dark crease color with... it's just too fluffy and applies it to too broad of an area.

To give you a better idea of it's size, here it is in between a (dirty!) MAC 239 and MAC 217 brush.

MAC 239, Sigma E40, MAC 217

What is your favorite blending brush?
xx, Allison


  1. I'm actually loving the elf mineral blending brush. Its tapered and super super soft!!!

  2. I'm really loving my sonia kashuk crease brush, but i'm planning on getting mac's 217!

  3. I love this new series!! I am looking to buy some new brushes because since I've started getting into makeup I have realized how important a good brush is! I just ordered the mac 239 shader brush. I can't wait for it to arrive!

  4. Ah i think i'll love this series! I'm always on the lookout for brushes so this is great! and i'm doing much better, thanks! :)

  5. I won't be getting this brush because I don't really like purchasing online, but I do plan on getting the MAC 217 & 239. Great review Allison! (: