Friday, December 31, 2010

PhotoBlog: New Year's Eve 2010

Hey everyone! I've been having a ton of fun playing around with my new camera. I asked my fellow Tweeters if they were interested in seeing a photo blog, and I got a lot of positive responses, so here's just some photos I've taken during the last few days!


My Golden Retriever, Oliver. I love him :)

My brother's cat, Leaper. My kitty, Tiger, is in the back left.

Out in the snow!

Our driveway/front walkway.

My mom insisted on taking some photos of me. Outfit: North Face ski jacket, black leggings, old snow boots.

Down the street. There is so much snow on the trees!

I've been loving pairing a light/bright/pretty scarf with an all black outfit. It's makes it stand out so much more! Scarf from Express, cardigan from Nordstrom, leggings from Express, Ugg classic tall boots rolled over.

Snowflake lights around the trellis on our deck.

So that's it! All photos were taken with my Canon Rebel T2i DSLR, in case you were curious.

Happy New Year's Eve!
xx, Allison


  1. wow, you look GORGEOUS in all the pictures, and the scenery is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    I hope you have an absolutely amazing NYE and 2011!
    We look forward to watching your videos next year!!! :)

    <3 xoxo

  2. beautiful! Youre so pretty allison!:)

  3. Where abouts do you live? We don't even have that much snow in Ontario Canada.

  4. It looks gorgeous with all the snow covering everything :) Great photos! And happy new year to you!

  5. you look so pretty!!! what camera do you use?! I love the quility of the pictures!!! :D


  6. These photos are gorgeous. Can you tell us more about your camera? I was planning on getting a Nikon, but these photos turned out so well, that I'm kind of on the fence now.

  7. Hey!
    great photos,
    I'm starting this new thing on my blog where i post one photo of myself everyday. Like just not smiling but like different back grounds and such. And im doing this so that by the end of this year i will have 365 photos from this year to look back on since today is the 1st. I also have the same t2i as you and i love it.
    Take care x

  8. The scenery in these photos is absolutely beautiful! Hope you had a great new years :)


  9. Awesome stuff, you look very gorgeous and your facial expressions are just so natural.

    What lens did you use for the picture with the cat?

  10. I'm taking a lot of pictures with my new camera too, haha. I actually started a seperate 'photo/personal' blog to document and that way at the end of the year I can print it all into a book for myself. You should think about it!

  11. I love how the black makes you look SUPER tiny (in a good way :D ), and the scarf just makes you really stand out, you're SO gorgeous im jealous! haha

  12. You are so pretty and so is the scenery outside. I bet is lovely walking out to such beautiful landscape! Also I have a cat that looks exactly like Leaper!

  13. beautiful photos! :)
    you look great in the snow!

  14. Love Golden Retriever so much! They are loyal and friendly!

  15. Great Photos!!! Keep up your photography. It's great!

  16. wow
    the place you live is beautiful and so are you!
    plus ur dog is SUPER cute! i just want to cuddle him!!

  17. Allison,

    Lovely pictures!! Stay warm girl!! :)

  18. you're so pretty:)