Tuesday, December 28, 2010

MAC Dangerous Cuvee Paint Pot: Mini Review & Swatch

MAC has released four new limited edition paint pots in its Cham-Pale collection (out December 26th, 2010), and my favorite of the four is Dangerous Cuvee, a cool grey sparkle-shimmer color. This product retails for $16.50 and can be purchased for a limited time wherever MAC cosmetics are sold.

This product caught my eye because MAC doesn't have any grey paint pots in its permanent collection, and this paint pot is truly on the silver/grey side, where usually I find grey cream shadows to have a brown tone to them.

This product is pretty sheer... you have to do a bit of layering if you want to see coverage that looks like what is in the pot. Additionally, it has some glitter/sparkle in it, so the formula is less smooth than other paint pots I own. I think this contributes to its sheer application.

I'm really excited to pair this under silver, grey, purple, pink, and blue shadows. I think it will give them a really nice pop! Are you picking up anything from Cham-Pale?

Check out the rest of my Cham-Pale haul in this video!

xx, Allison


  1. Thank you for the paintpot swatches! I live in the UK and I'm still deciding what to get from this collection, and this has helped hugely!

    Thanks hun!

    xo, Lorin/TC

  2. These look like such beautiful colours! I Get No Kick is so unusual and will look so gorgeous on. Great video Amarixe :)

  3. I'm going to my MAC tomorrow to check out all the shades and choose a few things. Hopefully I don't fall in love with too many things. I'm pretty sure I'm getting the eyeshadow quad though! Very excited for this collection as I'm very pale, and don't wear bright or dark shades.

  4. here in germany the collection is going to be released on the 01/03/2011 and i'm sooooo happy.. gonna pick some up :) i think the vintage selection paint pot, the eye kohl i get no kick, the special reserved powder in chez chez lamé and of course the Feline <3
    Love your videos !

  5. Today, I went to the MAC store for the VERY FIRST TIME EVER. and guess what? I picked up Dangerous Cuvee!! I'm SO glad you showed me this! AHH I LOVE IT! THANK YOU!! :D:D:D

  6. Awesome!
    There are swatches of the upcoming MAC Peacocky collection at AlluraBeauty.com if you want to check them out. I'm so excited about MAC's recent releases. Love them!

  7. I returned my Dangerous Cuvee! I hated that it flaked off in glittery scales! Weirdest formulation ever on these paint pots, sucky because I love all the permanent paint pots.

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