Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Glosses: Swatches & Review

Lately I have been in love with all things Revlon, especially their lip products, which has led me to try out their Super Lustrous lip glosses. I adore the packaging of these... very Chanel meets Dior, but for a fraction of the price! You can find these glosses anywhere Revlon cosmetics are sold ranging from $5-7, and come in a variety of shades and formulations.

Left to right: Lilac Pastelle, Coral Reef, Pink Pop, Pink Whisper, Peach Petal

Four of the shades featured in this post are cremes, and one is a frost/shimmer. I have been on a creme lip gloss kick lately, and these go on better than a lot of other (and more expensive) brands that I have tried.

Left to right: Lilac Pastelle, Coral Reef, Pink Pop, Pink Whisper, Peach Petal

First up is Lilac Pastelle, a pastel purple shade that is a rare find in drugstore lines. For those of you who haven't tried purple lip products, don't fear! Usually purple lip glosses just tint the lips to a more cool, lilac pink color, rather than making them the color you see in the packaging. I have been wearing this over cool pink lipsticks, and it only tints them a little more to the cool-toned side. I'm very pleased!

Lilac Pastelle

Next is Coral Reef, a creme shade I'm pretty sure I'll be living in once the weather warms up. This definitely goes on more sheer than what you see in the packaging, and really just creates a nice peachy, coral lip. If I want more coral, I'll pair it over something like Revlon Pink About It matte lipstick, and if I want it more peachy-pink, I'll pair it over Revlon Sky Pink matte lipstick. Both combinations are gorgeous, yet different.

Coral Reef

Pink Pop is a hot pink creme that is a must for pink lip lovers everywhere. The fact that it doesn't have any shimmer/glimmer/gritty glitter (rhyme?) in it makes it go so smoothly on the lips that it looks like glass. You could pair this over a lighter pink lipstick to brighten it, a red lipstick to make it more berry, or wear it alone for a glassy sheer pink effect.

Pink Pop

Pink Whisper is the frosty shimmer gloss of the group in this post. It is a frosty light pink champagne color, and honestly, I don't see anything too special or unique about it. Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful, but I feel like nearly every brand has a color like this.

Pink Whisper

Last is Peach Petal, an almost-nude peachy pink creme that is great for the days where you have more dramatic eye makeup and are trying to keep the rest of the face toned down, or if you are just going for a very understated, natural look. This looks awesome over nude lipstick shades, and is also good at just toning down my natural lip color a bit if worn alone. I didn't think I would like this one very much, until I tried it on. Then I was sold :)

Peach Petal

Here are some swatches!

Left to right: Lilac Pastelle, Coral Reef, Pink Pop

Left to right: Pink Whisper, Peach Petal

Overall, I highly recommend these glosses. To date, they are my favorite that I have found in a drugstore line! What are your favorite drugstore lip glosses?
xx, Allison


  1. my favorite drugstore lip glosses are NYX high shine ones...sooo pigmented and smell good. i want the lilac one from this collection, however


  2. Hey, Allison! really like your reviews and swatches, can you please make a blogpost on your neutral mac eyeshadows? I'm new to mac eyeshadows and i just can't decide wich ones to begin with!I searched whole youtube, but i think your quality swatches will help so much more :) greetings from the Netherlands!

  3. Great post Allison!!! Revlon glosses have really become my fav lately!!! Such great quality right at the drugstore! The texture is the best! My faves are lilac and pink whisper!

  4. i bought 3 of these last summer and love them. i now want the last 2 lol.

  5. WOW! this post really makes me want to go out and buy myself a couple of those! lol!
    they look like they're really nice quality!

    I just started blogging! I would really appreciate you checking out my blog :)

  6. I've been wanting these for MONTHS but I can't find them anywhere :/

  7. Love these lip glosses. Pretty good for the price.

  8. cute post!!
    love your style...=)

  9. I love this lipgloss. I bought the Coral Reef color, and it's amazing over Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in Siren. I really want to buy the hot pink shade and the rest you have shown here!

  10. Coral Reef looks like the perfect summer lipgloss for me!