Monday, July 18, 2011

Nail of the Day: Ciate Paint Pots!

Allow me to introduce to you the cutest nail polishes ever: Ciate Paint Pots. I recently received these from my friend Fleur as a birthday gift, and I am in love. Not only is the packaging to die for, the formulation is fantastic. I was pleasantly surprised with how evenly these applied and how glossy they were without a top coat (I did add one for the photo below though). Thanks Fleur! :)

Left to right: The Glossip, Mistress

The polishes shown in this post are "The Glossip" (coral pink), and "Mistress" (true red). They have a somewhat jelly-like effect to them, yet are still opaque within 2-3 coats.

The Glossip (3 coats) with Mistress (2 coats) on the ring finger
natural light

If you haven't heard of these, it may be because Ciate is a British company and, to my knowledge, its products are only sold in the UK. However, Ciate has a website that ships internationally. These retail for $14.52.

Have you ever tried Ciate polishes?
xx, Allison


  1. I've seen these going around on another blog. The packaging is so cute and I love the jelly finish!

  2. love how bright the colors are!
    would look great on tanned skin i think!

  3. we have some in Spain too, but I hadn't try them yet! I will soon! pinky promise

  4. love it! i may have to look into that international shipping. beautiful squishy finish :)

  5. The packaging is so gorgeous! And the colour too, of course. :)

  6. The Cookies & Cream and also the Couture are shades I recommend.


  7. They remind me of the American Apparel nail polish in Poppy! Such great summer colors!

  8. Those bows are so pretty!
    I wish all nail polish bottle had bows on them.
    And what a pretty color.. reminds me of Louboutins!

  9. The packaging is so cute!!

    Please check me out :) at

  10. You should try Big Yellow Taxi! It's such a beautiful bright yellow colour. All of the ciate colours are gorgeous :)

    Much Love,

  11. I've never heard of these nail polishes before, but the packing is to cute. I love how there's a little bow on the bottle and the colors are cute too.

  12. They're such beautiful colours; they really suit you! x

  13. How could I not know that you have a blog?!! Bad!!
    Glad to find you here. Love your videos and now getting hooked on your blog.

    Very best,

  14. those r really cute! :)
    p.s. u havent done a giveaway in a while now so can u do one especially for somethin like nail polish or blush??

  15. I Love ThIs Packaging Its So Classy Its Good That They Ship Internationally Now.