Wednesday, September 7, 2011

LORAC "Naked Lace Collection" Set: Photos & Review!

LORAC has an exclusive set available at Ulta right now, called the Naked Lace Collection. I had seen photos of this online and had thought it looked appealing, but passed on this set until we met face to face in Ulta last weekend. Lace bag? Some of my favorite eyeshadow shades? Mini lip glosses? I was sold, or rather, this set was.

For starters, how cute is the little lace bag it comes with?! You'll see this little darling on my wrist when it's time to hit the town with the girls. I also plan on using it as a cosmetics bag to put in my larger handbags.

I think LORAC did a really great job with color selection for this kit. It comes with two eyeshadows: Boudoir (dark taupe) and Negligee (light cream), and Rendezvous, a medium pink blush with shimmer.

Boudoir, Negligee


The lip gloss choices are fantastic as well! You get a Muse (medium iridescent pink), Trend Setter (warm pink), and Vintage (nude). These lip glosses are exceptionally small as well, they were made to fit in a tiny clutch! (See size comparison photo at bottom of post)

Muse, Trend Setter, Vintage

All of these products have excellent pigmentation. The powder products apply very smoothly and the glosses have a nice color to them.

Boudoir, Negligee, Rendezvous, Muse, Trend Setter, Vintage

You can find this set at your local Ulta for only $28! The box claims it is a $108 value (not sure what that math is), but regardless, I think the set is a great price anyway. If you are looking for some nice new colors for your collection or are on the hunt for a great gift for a friend, this may work for you!

And just to give you an idea of how small the lip glosses are, here is the nude shade next to a NARS lip gloss, MAC Lipglass, and MAC Dazzleglass. This could even fit in a pocket!

What are your thoughts on this kit?
xx, Allison


  1. This set looks gorgeous! I'd definitely get it if it was available in the UK. Love the look of the lipgloss "Trend Setter" <3

    Nicola x

  2. This is lovely!! The lipglosses are gorgeous!! :)

  3. Set looks good...just checked the Ulta website though and it said it was no longer available. :(

  4. thanks so much for posting this! i love some LORAC products and this is a great kit to try out a few other things! plus the bag is so cute :)

  5. I think they calculate the value based on the original size or something, that's the only way I think it can make sense... The clutch is pretty and I like the light coloured eyeshadow. :)

  6. I hate when they calculate a value like that. Anyway, I love it! I am holding back not to run out and get it at this moment!

  7. I love the little lace bag and all the lipglosses! This set is beautiful. Great thoughts on it, Allison.

  8. Oh my,how pretty its the collection,very wearable! And how cute is that cosmetic pouch! I am in-love,super sophisticated and very elegant but a little laid back looking!can bring it any occasion! Great blog! thanks for sharing!

  9. I have been wanting it! :)

  10. wow! this collection is really pretty:D

  11. I think its funny how the box says $108 value when thats the price for all the items FULL SIZE yet they give you the smallest lipglosses in the world & try to pawn it off as such a great deal lol. Id buy it just for the bag though :)

  12. It is very pretty but not to rip this little collection apart but I have all those colors for a cheaper price. I can't say that that they have the same smooth texture but who needs a thousand and one of the exact same color? For the exception of limited edition colors ofcourse.

    Over all it is very pretty but I'm good with what I got :)

  13. This looks great! That brand is not available in Belgium though.. If it was i think i would buy this :)