Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fab Fitness: My Favorite Websites!

I've recently stepped up my fitness/running training, which means I'm spending a little extra time on my favorite fitness websites utilizing their tools or looking for great new exercise tips. I decided I would dedicate a blog post to sharing my three favorite fitness websites, for those interested!

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I'm sure a lot of you have heard of this one, but if not, this is like the Temptalia for health and fitness. The site features several new posts each day and offers a wide variety of content. You'll find recipes, health articles, exercise routines, gear reviews, and more. I find myself browsing through this site several times a week... I love it!



I did a sample mapping around Central Park to give you an idea of what it looks like!

For any of you who like to run, walk or bike, MapMyRUN is amazing! You create a free account, then can chart your run on an interactive map. Look up your address (or starting point), then click points along the roads to create a connect-the-dot type route. The site calculates the distance as you go, so you can find the perfect route before you even leave your house. I love this because it allows me to try a new route and know exactly how far it will be. It's great when you're on vacation and don't know an area well.

There is also a MapMyRUN app on the iPhone that works as a GPS tracker! If you keep it in your pocket, it will chart your distance, time, etc. as you run, just like a GPS watch would (though I think the accuracy is a bit lower).



I found out about the Tone It Up girls because they are fellow YouTubers ( Karena and Katrina are certified nutritionists with tons of tips for health and fitness. Their site is full of motivational posts about diet and exercise, and they have even created their own unique diet and exercise program (which is available for purchase online).

What I love most about these girls is that they are real. I feel like a lot of fitness sites offer posts about things an average person wouldn't do (complicated recipes, odd exercises). The content on Tone It Up is relateable. Whether the girls are weighing in on their favorite health bars, spreading a motivational message, or showing you a new (uncomplicated) way to break a sweat, the content is useful! I also like that they use YouTube as a platform to upload videos actually showing and explaining the exercises.


What are your favorite health and fitness sites?
xx, Allison


  1. Estefania RodriguezOctober 20, 2011 at 4:59 PM

    This comes at a great time... Time to get fit and beautiful!!

    Check out my beauty blog!

  2. Ive been using since April and I've lost 51 lbs!

  3. Whoa!! Good for you! That's incredible :)

  4. i've been using mapquest to map my runs (not very accurate let me tell you! haha) i never even imagined there was a website that could do it for me, idk why i never thought of doing a google search so thank you for opening my eyes up to the site! :)

  5. You should check out all of their workouts are done at home mainly using your own body weight. They also have a YouTube channel charliejames1975
    Whenever I feel the need for a bootcamp style workout (you know, the kind where you totally hate life the next morning?) I go pick one from their website/channel. Its intense!!!!

  6. If you have a iphone, you should definitely try nike training app. It is super great for toning... My legs and arms felt tighter after a month of using their workouts! This post is amazing and I am super grateful for all of the amazing websites!

  7. Haha I read too! Most of their workouts are achievable at home. And Charlie is so muscular!! Anyway, Allison great that you're liking to work out too! <3 I used to run everyday but then when I stopped for a month or so, the momentum is totally gone. So keep it up and never give it up again!!!

  8. I love the ToneItUp girls! I agree, they're relatable. I also use You can track what you eat and it has pretty much everything in their database. You can also use it to track your exercise and it tells you how many calories you burned.

  9. I use to keep a food journal. It allows you to input your goal weight (if you want to lose weight) and shows you how much calories/protein/carbs you should eat to achieve that goal. This site is good for anyone who wants to keep track of their food intake. :)

  10. Thanks for the fitness recommendations! I'm definitely trying to keep track of all that during the gluttonous holiday season. Great blog!

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