Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sigma Make Me Crazy Travel Brush Set: Review!

Today's featured product is the new Sigma Make Me Crazy Travel Brush set! This set is the travel sister to the larger "Make Me _____" sets Sigma released last year. It contains 7 short-handled brushes: 3 face brushes, and 4 eye brushes.

This set is made of natural bristles, but the brushes included are the exact same ones in the new synthetic Mrs. Bunny set I posted about a few posts back. This is a great alternative if you don't like synthetic brushes, but liked the selection in the Mrs. Bunny travel kit!

So let me start by saying that I LOVE that these have hot pink metal hardware. I don't know what it is, but as soon as a brush has pink on it, I like it ten-- okay twenty-- times more. The three face brushes this F60 (foundation), F30 (all over powder), and F40 (angled blush).

F60, F30, F40

The four eye brushes included in this set are the E40 (tapered blending-- my favorite!!), E55 (eye shader), E65 (small angled), and E30 (pencil).

E40, E55, E65, E30

The set as a whole has a great selection of brushes and is very aesthetically pleasing. One thing I also love about the Sigma travel sets is they don't cut down on quality in comparison to the full size brushes. Every brush is still handmade (unlike MAC's horrendous travel kits!).

Last, but not least, this set comes with one of Sigma signature hard cases, in a magenta shade!

I think this is a nice set of brushes if you are looking for a varied selection with natural bristles. For me personally, I would opt for the Mrs. Bunny travel kit between the two. The Mrs. Bunny travel kit has the same brush models and is the same price, and I like the performance of those a bit better.

This set retails for $59 and can be purchased on Sigma's website!

Do you like travel brushes? Or do you prefer full-size?
xx, Allison


  1. I have been drooling over the Sigma brushes for a long time now .....
    Its a shame they don't ship to my country .
    As always great review.
    BTW great blog.
    And your channel is amazing too .
    You are like the queen of eye makeup seriously .



  2. i really want to try this!
    i dont care about the size!

  3. I love the innovation of Sigma's Products! I am planning on getting the Mrs. Bunny Set soon :) This was a great review!

  4. these brushes are sooo pretty and girly! love sigma.


  5. I want the Mrs. Bunny travel kit!! LOVE the hot pink on these brushes too!!

  6. This is so so helpful! I really want to get this brush set x

  7. Are the handles on the travel brush sets lot shorter than the full-size ones?

  8. I love the look of this set! really need some sigma brushes.

  9. I have been dying to try Sigma brushes forever!! These look beautiful, and the size and case seem quite convenient. I must get my hands on these...

  10. love it, hope ill b lucky one

  11. I prefer full size brushes, but travel ones are cute too C:

  12. Awesome review- thank you for the info!

  13. OMG I have been DYING for a Sigma brush set, and this looks amazing!


  14. Your blog and channel are dangerous.
    I swear after you review something, I want it. Now how am I going to decide between this and Mr/Mrs. Bunny?
    And the hot pink? Yes I agree it because THAT MUCH MORE amazing.

  15. This Sigma brushes are so, so pretty!
    But the problem is that I can't buy them anywhere in Austria.

  16. I am thinking of getting this set, I was debating on this or the regular size, do you really need all the brushes in the full size? The travel size seems like it has all you need? I need help.