Monday, April 9, 2012

MAC Tres Cheek Collection: Review & Swatches!

I feel that for the last 6+ months, MAC has been slacking in the blush department. It seems collections either lack blushes, or are packed with mineralize stuff (which usually isn't my favorite). Therefore, when I saw MAC was releasing a collection entirely of regularly packaged, normal colored blushes, the addict in me basically went psycho.

No, really-- psycho. I found myself stalking the MAC website every couple hours for almost a week waiting for these to appear (due to a rumor of an earlier online launch). I made a pre-order at a counter, but didn't trust it to actually be filled (have had bad experiences before), so I ordered online too. So yes, psycho is an accurate word here.

I ended up getting all six blushes online (and cancelled my pre-order), and they are everything I expected them to be. The collection features a few pinks, some peach/orange colors, and even a soft lilac shade. Most of the finishes are satin, except for one frost.

One of the most widely discussed colors from this collection is Immortal Flower (middle below). It is a beautiful peach that isn't something you see MAC release too often!

Lovecloud, Immortal Flower, Modern Mandarin

The collection also includes a nice lavender shade, Full of Joy (below middle), which is the only frost of the bunch. The pigmentation is lovely and the color actually looks quite nice on my skintone, which I wasn't sure about considering it is very cool!

Peony Petal, Full of Joy, Pink Tea

Peony Petal, Full of Joy, Pink Tea, Lovecloud, Immortal Flower, Modern Mandarin

Overall, I think the entire collection is amazing. The colors are pigmented and the shades are beautiful! These are sold out online, but if you swing by your local counter or store they might still have some in stock. Also, I am giving away three of these (along with some Iris Apfel lipsticks) on my beauty channel! Check out the video below!

xx, Allison


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