Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Revlon Escapism Collection: Photoready Cream Blushes!

I was in Rite Aid recently and spotted Revlon's new Summer 2012 collection: Escapism (display photo at bottom of post!).  This release features all new products, including three blushes in a brand new, cream formulation.  Being the blush addict I am, I nearly peed my pants in excitement.  Upon spotting the BOGO 50% Off sign, I frantically snatched all three colors (okay, it wasn't quite that dramatic, but still). 

Coral Reef, Flushed, Pinched

The three shades offered are Coral Reef (intense red/coral) Flushed (hot pink) and Pinched (natural peach).

Coral Reef, Flushed, Pinched

For starters, I LOVE the packaging.  They are in pot/jar form, with a screw off lid.  The packaging reminds me a bit of the Bobbi Brown pot rouges.

Coral Reef, Flushed, Pinched

As you can see, these have a clear jar and solid black lid.

Coral Reef, Flushed, Pinched

To give you a size comparison, here they are next to a regular MAC blush... just a tiny bit smaller in diameter. As for the formulation, these are definitely "thinner" cream blushes.  I like applying these with my fingers, and the consistency is very light, but doesn't last pigmentation.  To give a comparison, these are much "lighter" than MAC cream blushes, even lighter than their Cremeblend blushes.  They have the consistency of something like a MUFE Aqua Creme.  Smooth, light, and pigmented.

Coral Reef, Flushed, Pinched, MAC Modern Mandarin

Now when I purchased these, I was crossing my fingers that they would sheer out easily... the two brighter colors are extremely intimidating.  Fortunately, these do not apply as dark as they look in the pot, so don't be afraid of their vibrancy!  The swatches below are two coats, so you can see the color better, but I think even the lightest skin tones could sheer these out enough to wear.  On the flip side, they are buildable enough that darker complexions can wear them as well!

Coral Reef, Flushed, Pinched

I think my favorite shade of the three is Coral Reef, despite the intimidating color in the pot, it gives my cheeks an effortless "naturally sexy summertime" flush.  It's usually a bit hard for me to get a really red toned blush to work on my skin, but this one is no problem.  

As for longevity, these wear about the same as other good cream blushes: well, but not as long as a good powder blush.  Skin tends to absorb creams a bit faster.  You can definitely get hours of wear out of these, but if you are looking for a 12 hour blush, I would go with something like the Tarte Amazonian Clay line.  I also like layering cream blushes under powders for really good wear.

Here's a photo I took on my phone of the display.  I passed on the lip glosses, nail polish, and eyeshadow, but did grab the bronzer.  Review on that coming soon!  

The only drawback I found to these blushes is they have a pretty hefty price tag for a drugstore blush: $12.99.  However, I think the quality reflects this, and it's pretty easy to find these on sale or use a coupon.  My Rite Aid had them for BOGO 50% off, so with the bronzer as my fourth item, I paid $12.99 for two products, $6.49 for the other two.  Made a big difference!

What do you think of this collection?
xx, Allison


  1. Looks amazing! Luv u Allison- check out my blog? Thanks

  2. Thanks for posting about this Allison. I'll definitely keep an eye out of this collection.


  3. I love cream blushes so I'm going to hunt these down so fast!

  4. Dear Allison, i recently went to ulta and got the pinched blush! I'm uber excited to try it and i think its great to have a cream blush when switching towards fall. Could revlon get any better? Lol