Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Revlon Escapism Collection Bronzer: Swatches & Review!

Today's featured product is another new release from the Revlon Escapism Summer 2012 Collection.  The new Photoready bronzer in Bronzed & Chic features four different matte bronzing shades in one compact, with a coral reef imprint in the powder.

Now before I start talking about the bronzer itself, I have to comment on the packaging.  Why is the packaging double the size of the actual product so a cheap flimsy brush can be included?  I hate when companies do this.  I would have much preferred a sleek, round compact the size of the powder, but instead this is bulky (and the excess material required to increase the size also increases the price of the product).  This is not something I would think to toss in a travel cosmetics bag.

Okay, packaging rant over.  As for the powder itself, you get four matte shades, ranging from quite light, to quite dark.  I think this is nice because it allows you to use the product year round, mixing colors depending on your tan (or lack thereof).  I also love the coral design... very summer!

Each of these shades is nicely pigmented and the formulation is very smooth.  I really like that the powder is matte as well, because I can use it for contouring.  This blends really well and stays on my skin all day, too.

Here are swatches of each quadrant (from lightest to darkest), then an allover mixed swatch at the end.  For my current skintone, I find that the light is too light, and the dark is too dark.  I've been mixing the middle two colors, or the light and dark together, to achieve a color that currently suits me.  As summer approaches and I'm outside more, I'll probably mix a darker color, which is what makes this product so versatile.

I found this at Rite Aid for $12.99, but thanks to a BOGO 50% Off sale, I only paid $6.49 for it.  The price is pretty hefty for a drugstore product, but I definitely think this one is a winner if you have a light-medium to dark skintone.  If you are really fair, I would skip it, as you would probably only be able to use the lightest shade (and thus only 1/4 of the product). This would work best for medium complexions.

What is your favorite bronzer?
xx, Allison


  1. I love this product but do you detect a strange scent to it? It smells weird to me.

  2. Over here in Aus, that would retail around $30! And we're pretty much dollar for dollar with the US. If I ever get over there I'll need a suitcase for the amount of makeup I'll want to buy.

  3. I just bought mine off eBay :) I'm
    From Australia and they haven't been released here yet :( go good old eBay !!