Thursday, May 31, 2012

MAC Hey, Sailor! Highlight Powder in Crew: Swatches & Review!

Today's featured product is the Crew highlight powder from the new MAC Hey, Sailor! collection.  This powder features purple, pink, orange, and beige colors in a striped, nautical design.

This powder is the same size as MAC's other highlight powders, mineralize skinfinishes, and bronzers.

When I originally saw photos of this product, I assumed the purple, pink, and orange were oversprays that would fade to the light beige (considering it is called a highlighting powder).  After using it, I found that the beige is actually the overspray, which fades to a solid purple, pink, and orange.  Not much "highlighting" to be done with it!

Here are individual swatches of each of the colors, followed by an overall blended swatch of all three on the far right.  The pigmentation of this is really good, the powder is soft and colors are great!

As you can see below, the beige overspray fades really quickly.  After a few more uses, it will all be gone.

This product retails for $29, and is sold out on MAC's online website, but should still be available in some stores.  I really like that it contains both the orange and purple, so I can mix a more peach or cool pink color out of it.  For my ~NC20 skin, this works perfectly as a blush, but may be a little light if you have a medium-dark complexion.  

Overall, I think the only drawback to this product is the price.  It is a beautiful color, and you get a lot of product with it, but it definitely isn't cheap.  However, if you are willing to spend $29 on a new blush, I don't think you'll be disappointed!

Do you find limited edition packaging/product more enticing than regular products?  I do... I'm a sucker for a cute makeup theme!
xx, Allison


  1. I got a sneak peak of the collection before it went on sale, and I was shocked when the sales associate told me this was a highlight! Blush, yes I can see, but no highlight. It was one of the many out of the collection I passed on. You're right, $29 for a blush is pretty hefty especially when it is not even marketed as a blush! And yes, I'm a total sucker for special packaging...and this one is totally adorable!

  2. I absolutely love the packaging!! I love Mac already and this just makes me love it even more! Haha!

  3. It looks beautiful but I wish the beige was not an overspray because it could be a highlighting blush (If that makes sense).