Monday, June 18, 2012

My MAC Eyeshadow Palettes: Neutrals Palette!

I've gotten some requests to do overview posts of my MAC palettes, so I'm starting today with my neutral eyeshadows palette!  This is one of my most loved sets of eyeshadows because I incorporate neutral shades into every look I wear.

MAC eyeshadow palettes come in slim black packaging and hold 15 eyeshadow pans each.  You can purchase the pans alone from freestanding stores (or online), or you can purchase the regularly packaged eyeshadows and depot the pans out of them.  These palettes are metal, so if you stick a slim magnet on the bottom of each pan, they magnetize right in!

For a long time, I was really hesitant to switch to palettes for my shadows.  However, after accumulating a certain number of little cases, it became tedious digging through them all to find the color I wanted.  Palettes allow me to organize and store my shadows with less space, and are generally less hassle for me.

On a side note, however, I do not depot my MAC blushes, as I like keeping those in individual casings.  I always wear multiple eyeshadows at a time, so packing a palette for a trip makes sense.  However, I don't usually need 6 blushes (the amount MAC blush palettes hold) for a trip, so it is less bulky to pack one or two versus a palette.  Hope that makes sense!

I like to organize the actual shades inside of my palette from the top left corner to bottom right corner.  I put the lightest shade in the top left corner, then put the closest two shades to it on its right and bottom.  I repeat this for each eyeshadow until I have the darkest (or one of the darkest) shadow in the bottom right corner.  I like that this makes the all eyeshadows next to their most similar colors, creating a gradient.  I don't take finish into consideration with these.

Top row: Phloof!, Naked Lunch, Jest, All That Glitters, Honey Lust
Middle Row: Vanilla, Blanc Type, Grain, Arena, Woodwinked
Bottom Row: Chamomile (LE), Dazzlelight, Retrospeck, Ricepaper, Patina

Of the top row, my favorite colors are Phloof!, Naked Lunch, and All That Glitters.  I have gone through multiple pans of Naked Lunch and All That Glitters because both are fantastic all-over-lid shades for my complexion!  In the photo below, you can see the atrocity that is Honey Lust on the far right... I do not recommend it!  Honey Lust is dry, chunky, and all-around annoying.  I would go with All That Glitters or Amber Lights for a similar, more usable shade.

Phloof!, Naked Lunch, Jest, All That Glitters, Honey Lust

From the second row, my favorites are Blanc Type and Grain.  Blanc Type is an extremely pigmented matte color that I love for highlighting.  Grain is that "my skin but better" type color that camouflages on my eyelids... perfect for that no-makeup look!  Woodwinked is a popular color, but I have to be very careful or it can pull very orange/brassy on my complexion, in a bad way.

Vanilla, Blanc Type, Grain, Arena, Woodwinked

And from the third row, my favorites are Dazzlelight (hence the pan being almost empty), Ricepaper, and Patina.  Dazzlelight is my favorite frosty highlight shade from MAC.  Ricepaper is a great all-over-lid color if you like something more yellow (as opposed to Naked Lunch, which is more pink).  Patina is a beautiful gold/bronze color that is like a more subtle version of Woodwinked.

Chamomile (LE), Dazzlelight, Retrospeck, Ricepaper, Patina

Last, I have one light neutral that I am yet to depot.  This is Creamy Bisque from the MAC Me Over collection.  This is a neutral frosty shade that is a great highlighter.  I don't think I'll actually end up depotting this one, as I like to have it to toss in a makeup bag alone.  It is less yellow than Dazzlelight, less pink than Phloof!  A true neutral I would say.

Very pigmented as well!

So there you have it!  These are all of my light neutral MAC eyeshadows.  I have several other palettes to overview, so stay tuned for those posts!

MAC is easily one of my all-time favorite eyeshadow brands.  Aside from a few black sheep (I'm looking at you, Honey Lust), their permanent eyeshadow collection has outstanding quality and a great color range.  Their eyeshadows retail for $11.50 (individual pans)/$15.00 (full casing) and can be purchased through MAC stores or many department stores.

Do you have any favorite neutral shadows from MAC?
xx, Allison


  1. This makes me want to run out and fill the rest of my palette now! So helpful to see swatches too, definitely know which colours to pick now!x

  2. I love this post! I'm also a huge neutral eyeshadow fan. Have you tried MAC Era? It's one of my favorites to wear on a daily basis! Love your videos and blog :)

  3. The neutrals I reach for every day are Era and Moleskin. Love them both!

  4. I love all of them :) neutrals are the best!

  5. I love this post! Great pictures and explanations. Need to start a Mac eyeshadow collection now :P