Monday, June 4, 2012

NYC Eyeshadow Duo in Brighton Peach: Review & Swatches!

Today's featured product is Brighton Peach, an eyeshadow duo from NYC's City Sweets spring collection. I saw this on a display in Rite Aid recently and thought the colors looked beautiful. For less than $3, I was willing to give it a shot!

This duo is similar to NYC's permanent line duos.  The packaging is very small, which I like.  This takes hardly any room in a cosmetics bag.

The duo features a very light, pink-toned shimmery highlight shade, followed by a beautiful shimmery rosy peach color.  I think the two colors compliment each other, but could also be paired with other eyeshadows as well.

I was really impressed with how these wore on my skin.  The colors were pigmented, blended easily, and overall looked really well.  I paired these with a taupe eyeshadow in my crease and loved the combination!

For 1.9g of product at less than $3, I think this was a great buy.  It's always exciting to find something you really love that doesn't break the bank, and this is one of those items.

If you like the look of this duo and see it in your drugstore, I definitely recommend it!  It is part of the limited edition NYC City Sweets collection, so if you want it, act fast!  I snagged the last one from my drugstore and I don't know how often they replenish collections like these.

Do you like NYC products?  Which is your favorite?  I've always heard loads of good things about the Sunny bronzer, but am still yet to try it!
xx, Allison


  1. I just recently started using the sunny bronzer and its the perfect contour shade for me! I say give it a whirl. :-)

  2. I liked the color of the nyc sunny bronzer but it was a bit gritty in consistency. I ended up puchasing the Chanel tan de soleil and I love it!