Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Maybelline Gold Lights Eyeshadow Quad: Review + Swatches!

Maybelline has released a new line of eyeshadow quads called Luminous Lights. This new line features four different quads with illuminating colors.  Of the four on the display at my CVS, the Gold Lights quad stood out to me most.

This quad features a light, yellow-toned highlighting shade, light golden yellow, light bronze, and medium rose-gold color.  You would definitely need to include and extra shadow if you wanted to add anything to darken up a look with this.  I think the color scheme is really pretty and great for a achieving a glowing eye look... good for summer or everyday use!

I was really pleased with the formulation of these shadows!  They weren't crumbly at all, and the pigmentation was spot-on.  They were as easy as I could have asked for!  And as you can see below, the colors are BEAUTIFUL swatched!

I find Maybelline's quad labels to be a little confusing, because I often want to take the top name on the label as the actual quad name.  To clarify, "Luminous Lights" is the "theme" name.  There are several quads with "Luminous Lights" on their label.  You want to look at the name below: Gold Lights.  That applies to this particular quad.  Just a tip, in case you didn't know already!

I found this collection at my local CVS, and this quad cost over $8.  I don't know if Maybelline reformulated their eyeshadows, but I feel like the last time I checked, these quads were usually $5-6.  I double checked their permanent line to make sure it wasn't just the Luminous Lights display, and everything was over $8.  So my tip: don't look for these at CVS, I think they have the prices marked way up!  Thankfully, all Maybelline was BOGO 50% Off so with the sale I managed to get them for less in the end.

I'm impressed enough by this one that I'm tempted to run to a different drugstore and pick up the rest!  I'll resist, for now. ;)

If you want to see what these colors look like on my eyes, check out one of my latest beauty videos where I'm wearing them!

xx, Allison


  1. Target and Walmart are the cheapest but Ulta is only a dollar or so more. Cvs, Walgreens, rite aid are always 3-4 dollars more

  2. They're $4.97 at my Walmart!