Friday, July 20, 2012

My MAC Eyeshadow Palettes: Browns Palette!

Today I wanted to share another one of my MAC eyeshadow palettes, my "browns" palette.  This is my second most loved palette next to my light neutrals palette, because I find brown eyeshadow to be one of the best colors for sculpting the eyes and making them pop.  As you can see, this palette isn't entirely filled, mostly because I haven't had a depotting session in a while!  Therefore, I'm including my individual brown eyeshadows at the bottom of this post as well.

MAC eyeshadow palettes come in slim black packaging and hold 15 eyeshadow pans each.  You can purchase the pans alone from freestanding stores (or online), or you can purchase the regularly packaged eyeshadows and depot the pans out of them.  These palettes are metal, so if you stick a slim magnet on the bottom of each pan, they magnetize right in!

For a long time, I was really hesitant to switch to palettes for my shadows.  However, after accumulating a certain number of little cases, it became tedious digging through them all to find the color I wanted.  Palettes allow me to organize and store my shadows with less space, and are generally less hassle for me.

On a side note, however, I do not depot my MAC blushes, as I like keeping those in individual casings.  I always wear multiple eyeshadows at a time, so packing a palette for a trip makes sense.  However, I don't usually need 6 blushes (the amount MAC blush palettes hold) for a trip, so it is less bulky to pack one or two versus a palette.  Hope that makes sense!

I label my palettes by painting a piece of clear tape with a nail polish that resembles the "theme" of the palette.  This way I don't have to open them all to find which one I'm looking for, but can switch it up at any time without permanently painting the casing!

I have organized my browns palette similarly to all of my other palettes: I like to organize the actual shades inside of my palette from the top left corner to bottom right corner.  I put the lightest shade in the top left corner, then put the closest two shades to it on its right and bottom.  I repeat this for each eyeshadow until I have the darkest (or one of the darkest) shadow in the bottom right corner.  I like that this makes the all eyeshadows next to their most similar colors, creating a gradient.  I don't take finish into consideration with these.

Top row: Modelette (LE), Cork, Charcoal Brown
Middle Row: Style Snob (LE), Mulled Cider (LE), Handwritten, Glamour Check! (LE)
Bottom Row: Satin Taupe, Prepped For Glamour (LE), Mystery

On the top row, my favorite color is Modelette, if you couldn't already tell from the amount of pan showing.  This is a perfect shade for sculpting the crease and blending out other colors.  I use this before applying any other crease colors to make everything blend nicely with my complexion.

Modelette (LE), Cork, Charcoal Brown

From the middle row, my favorite colors are Style Snob, Mulled Cider, and Handwritten.  Style Snob is a lighter version of Satin Taupe, which makes it a nice all-over-lid color.  Mulled Cider is a great matte that looks really nice paired with Modelette.  Last, but not least, Handwritten is one of those one-in-a-thousand matte brown eyeshadows.  It has a Matte2 finish, which is incredibly creamy and pigmented.  The color is rich, the formulation is one of the best from MAC, and if you like matte browns, this one is a must have.

Style Snob (LE), Mulled Cider (LE), Handwritten, Glamour Check! (LE)

From the bottom row, my favorites are Satin Taupe and Mystery.  Satin Taupe is one of MAC's most raved about colors, and I'm not surprised: it is a beautiful frosty cool brown that is universally flattering to any eye color.  You can wear it all over the lid for a smoky look, or put it in the crease for dimension.  Mystery is probably my favorite cool brown eyeshadow that I own.  It is that perfect deep crease color that is brown enough to stay neutral but cool enough to really give a smoldering effect.

Satin Taupe, Prepped For Glamour (LE), Mystery

Moving on to my individual eyeshadows, these are a mix of limited edition shades (that cannot be purchased in pan form) and colors I have gotten through the "Back to MAC" program.  Some of these I've been meaning to depot, but a couple of them I quite like having individually so I can just throw them in a makeup bag.

Top: Outre (LE), Moleskin (LE)
Bottom: Haux, Club, Diamond Dove (LE)

My favorites from this bunch are Outre and Moleskin.  Outre is a lovely mustard brown matte that is a very unique color in the eyeshadow world.  While it looks especially yellow in comparison to the other colors, when worn in the crease, it doesn't come across as such.  I love this one especially in the fall!  Moleskin is very similar to Modelette: it is the perfect brown for subtle crease sculpting.  I don't plan on depotting this one so I can take it on the go easily!

Outre (LE), Moleskin (LE), Haux, Club, Diamond Dove (LE)

MAC is easily one of my all-time favorite eyeshadow brands.  Their permanent eyeshadow collection has outstanding quality and a great color range.  Their eyeshadows retail for $11.50 (individual pans)/$15.00 (full casing) and can be purchased through MAC stores or many department stores.  I highly recommend checking them out!

So that wraps up my MAC brown eyeshadow collection!  Be sure to check out posts of my other color-themed MAC eyeshadow palettes:

Are there any brown MAC eyeshadows that you love?
xx, Allison


  1. Lovely post! Very conprehensive. I used to think neutrals are boring, but now thats all I wear pretty much. Different shades and finishes can really give your eyes dimensions.

  2. Lovely collection! I want to get do many of them -_-

  3. Handwritten is a lovely brown with red undertones. I like it was a crease color paired with coppering