Friday, July 27, 2012

NEW! Benefit Sugarbomb Ultra Plush Lip Gloss: Review + Swatches!

Today's featured product is the recently released Benefit Sugarbomb Ultra Plush Lip Gloss.  The Sugarbomb Boxed Powder is one of Benefit's best sellers, so I was really curious to see if its corresponding gloss would be just as great!

This gloss comes in a plastic squeeze tube, and for this particular shade, I kind of wish it didn't.  In general, I typically prefer wand applicator style glosses, but with really jelly formulations (such as the Benefit Coralista gloss), I don't mind a squeeze tube.  However, Sugarbomb has some shimmer to it, which I find can make a squeeze tube a bit more messy.

I would describe this gloss as a medium rosy pink with silver shimmer.  Here it is next to the Sugarbomb Boxed Powder, for color comparison.

Swatched side by side, you can see that the gloss it a bit darker than the blush.  However, just like Coralista, it is much more sheer on the lips.

On my lips, Sugarbomb is a sheer rosy pink with noticeable silver shimmer in it.  The formulation felt really nice and the shimmer wasn't overdone, but to be honest, the overall look was a bit too shimmery for my taste (no pun intended!).  Swatched on my arm, it looks a lot less sparkly, but on the lips it is definitely noticeable.  If you like really shimmery glosses, this one is for you!  However, I'll probably be saving this one for when I want to do more "done up" looks!

Overall, I give this product an A for quality, but the end result on my lips just isn't something I would wear everyday.  These glosses retail for $16 and are available wherever Benefit products are sold!

Do you like shimmer in your lip gloss?
xx, Allison


  1. i love settle shimmer such as orgasm by nars but too much shimmer can look really weird i think..

  2. I prefer a matte look to my lips or the occasional sheen! Love this :)