Friday, August 31, 2012

Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion: Review + Giveaway!

Today's featured product is a body lotion I've been using for the past few weeks, the Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion.  I believe this product has been around for a while, but Vaseline recently reformulated both the formula and packaging.

The new formula is supposed to be thicker and more hydrating.  I'm very picky with my body lotions, and one of the biggest issues I find is lotions that are really moisturizing tend to leave a residue on my skin.  Even with some of my most loved body lotions, I have to wash my hands after application because I hate the sticky feeling on my palms.  This isn't the case with this product.

Vaseline Total Moisture is white, and has a very subtle fragrance.  Below is about 30 seconds after I've rubbed it into the top of my hand.  As you can see, my hand doesn't look greasy or anything.  This really does have that "clean" effect on the skin.

I don't peruse the drugstore lotion aisle often, and probably never would have discovered this product without receiving a sample a few weeks ago.  Often times when I receive a sample, it falls flat for me.  This is the opposite!

If you are looking for an all around moisturizer that is good for the skin without breaking the bank, I really recommend this.  I've seen it in stores for between $3-4 for a 10 oz bottle.

Last, but not least, if you are interested in trying out Vaseline Total Moisture, check out my recent beauty video below, on which I'm giving out some free bottles! :)

xx, Allison


Products shown in this post have been provided by Vaseline.  For more information, please read my Disclosure Policy.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

NARS Easy Lover Lip Gloss: Review + Swatches!

I'm back today with another lip product I've been loving lately, NARS Easy Lover lip gloss.  I have been lusting after this shade for over a year now, but didn't purchase it until recently.  Easy Lover is a hot pink color, but is very sheer, which is one of the reasons I was so drawn to it.  I love bright, but sheer, glosses.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

NYC Bronzer in Sunny: Review + Swatch!

A while ago, I did a blog post about another bronzer and asked you all to share your favorite bronzer in a comment.  A bunch of you recommended the NYC bronzer in Sunny, so I've now gotten around to trying it out!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

YSL Volupte Sheer Candy Glossy Balm in #9: Review + Swatches!

After a long period of lusting after YSL lip products, I finally cracked and bought my first one.  I've tried them out in-store several times, and have always heard fantastic reviews, but up until now I've always resisted making the splurge.  However, while playing around at Nordstrom a few weeks ago, I swatched their Volupte Sheer Candy Glossy Balm in #9, and was instantly smitten.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Questionnaire: August 27th, 2012

Hi everyone!  It's time for the last Monday Questionnaire of August... can you believe it?  Where has this year gone?  While I hate that time flies so fast, I am ready to move into the next season... September-December is probably my favorite streak of months in the year.  Is it bad I'm already mentally planning how I want to decorate my apartment for Christmas?  Yes?  I swear I was an elf at the North Pole in a previous life.

After waiting for everyone else in the whole world to see it, I finally went and saw The Dark Knight Rises this weekend and it was amazing!!!  It left me wishing I had a super talented costume designer to make me a catwoman suit like this one for Halloween.  How cool would that be?!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Nail of the Day: L'Oreal Brit Invasion

Today's NOTD is another color from the new L'Oreal London Fall nail collection.  Today's shade, Brit Invasion, is a cool medium brown with gold shimmer to it.  The first time I saw this collection display in store, this shade was sold out, and I can see why!  In the bottle, this shade is absolutely stunning.

natural light, 2 coats

Unfortunately, Brit Invasion doesn't translate onto the nails with as much oomph as I would like.  The formulation is great, the color is good, but on the nails it just falls flat for me.  Even with a super glossy top coat, it still didn't do anything special for me.  It's too bad, because this thing really is a stunner in the bottle, and a great price!

The L'Oreal London Fall nail collection is available for a limited time in drugstores.  These polishes retail for roughly $6 each, but it isn't too hard to catch a sale on L'Oreal products if you look around.  Be sure to check out another NOTD of another shade from this collection (which I LOVE), The Perfect Trench.

Have you tried any disappointing nail polishes lately?
xx, Allison

Friday, August 24, 2012

NEW! Maybelline Jewel Tone Color Tattoo Eyeshadows for Fall 2012: Swatches + Review!

Maybelline has been on a roll with their Color Tattoo Eyeshadows recently!  About a week after discovering four new neutral Color Tattoos in their Fall 2012 Collection at Rite Aid, I stumbled across four new jewel tone shades at Target.  Like the shadows in their new fall collection, all four of these shades are limited edition as well.  That means 8 new limited edition shades are on the shelves right now... how exciting!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

MAC By Request Collection Eyeshadows: Review + Swatch!

Today's featured eyeshadows are from the new MAC By Request collection, a collection of previously released limited edition products that users voted online to bring back again.  I think this was a fantastic idea for a release. It allowed MAC lovers to bring some of their favorite colors back, and it also ensured a good profit on MAC's side, because if everyone is voting for it, it's likely to sell!  While the launch didn't include any of my favorite past shades, it did have a couple eyeshadows that caught my eye: Jete and Moth Brown.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

MAC Springsheen Blush: Review + Swatches!

I have another one of my favorite blushes to share with you today, MAC Springsheen.  This has a Sheertone Shimmer finish and is described as "peach with pearl".  I would describe this as a peachy pink coral with a golden shimmer to it.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

LUSH Angels On Bare Skin Facial Cleanser: Photos + Review!

Today's featured product is the LUSH Angels On Bare Skin facial cleanser.  This is described as a "skin balancing lavender, rose, and ground almond scrub, perfect for all skin types."  This is the first facial cleanser from LUSH I've ever tried, so I was really curious to see how it worked.  I've had several of my readers recommend this to me, raving about it, so I expected a pleasant experience.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Questionnaire: August 20th, 2012

Another week already?  How has this summer flown by so fast?  Hopefully it isn't too hot where you are... I'm practically melting in this summer heat.  Anyway, I've gotten back in the swing of doing these questionnaires every Monday, so without further ado, let's begin!

I played Connect 4 for the first time in years this weekend, and had to wonder, what is the boy on the box doing now?  Did he go on to model for other board games?

Friday, August 17, 2012

NARS Vent Glacé Eyeshadow Duo: Review + Swatches!

Today's featured product is an eyeshadow duo from the NARS Fall 2012 collection, called Vent Glacé.       It's almost been a couple of years since I've picked up a new NARS eyeshadow duo, and when I swatched this one in store, it was so pretty I couldn't resist.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nail of the Day: OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest

OPI just released their new Germany collection for Fall 2012, and I couldn't resist swinging by Ulta to check out the new colors.  Today's NOTD, Every Month is Oktoberfest, is a dark red-purple with shimmer to it.  I didn't realize how ready I was for fall until I painted this on my nails... it is perfection.  Smooth formula, opaque coverage, and the color screams boots, scarves, and falling leaves.  In the bottle this looks like a dark shimmery red, but it definitely has a purple base to it.  As you can see, my nails look more purple than red.

natural light, 2 coats

This color is very similar to another in the Germany collection, Germanicure by OPI (I love the names!).  For reference, Germanicure by OPI is essentially the red/brown version of this shade.  I prefer my polishes leaning purple over red, so I went with Every Month is Oktoberfest instead.

Have you gotten anything from this collection?
xx, Allison

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

MAC Lipstick in Pink Pearl Pop: Review + Swatches!

I got lost and found myself in the Nordstrom cosmetics department last week (again), and came across the recently released MAC Cremesheen + Pearl Collection for Fall 2012.  This collection features 16 new (and permanent) lip shades: 8 cremesheen lipsticks and 8 cremesheen glasses.  Cremesheen lipsticks are my favorite finish from MAC, so I was especially excited to check out an entire new collection of them.  I came across Pink Pearl Pop: a midtone pink that was oh-so-pretty, I had to take it home with me.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

NEW! Maybelline "Scene on the Runway" Color Tattoo Eyeshadows for Fall 2012: Swatches + Review!

I stopped by Rite Aid yesterday and discovered a new line of limited edition Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows in their Fall 2012 "Scene on the Runway" collection!  The release features four new earthy shades, including a light shimmery nude... yay!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Questionnaire: August 13th, 2012

It's the start of a new week, and you know what that means... Monday Questionnaire! :)

You may be thinking, what is Jessica Alba doing here on your Monday Questionnaire?  I need your opinions!  I am going stir crazy wanting to chop my hair off, and this style is what I've been thinking.  Not super short, but definitely about 6-8 inches shorter than my current style.  Thoughts?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Nail of the Day: L'Oreal The Perfect Trench

Today's NOTD is a color from the new limited edition L'Oreal London Fall nail collection.  The Perfect Trench is a muted mustard yellow with a cream finish.  You don't see too many companies release shades like this one, so when I saw this in store, I had to snatch it!  I absolutely love mustard colors in the fall, and this nail polish is the perfect mustard touch to my fall wardrobe.

I reviewed another one of the L'Oreal Color Riche nail polishes a while ago, and wasn't impressed with the formulation.  However, The Perfect Trench was entirely different from the last one I tried!  The formulation was smooth, opaque, and generally really easy to work with.  It only took two coats to achieve full opacity, and I love the overall finish.

On a side note, this polish reminds me of MAC Outre eyeshadow that was limited edition in last fall's MAC Me Over collection.  I may have to pair the two together!

Have you seen the L'Oreal London Fall nail collection?
xx, Allison

Saturday, August 11, 2012

L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Iced Latte: Review + Swatch!

ATTENTION: I need you to stop what you're doing, have a seat, and tell your cats to gather around.  I'm about to share my newest obsession: L'Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Eyeshadows.  These were released sometime last year, and ever since I've been passing them in the drugstore, curious, but never curious enough to actually try them.  That is, until I found them BOGO 50% Off at Walgreens last week.  Today I wanted to share my favorite shadow of the line so far, Iced Latte.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

NYX Eyeshadow in Black: Review + Swatch!

A good staple for any makeup collection is a matte black eyeshadow.  It's a great essential for smoky eyes, darkening up any look, or even using as eyeliner.  Today's featured matte black eyeshadow is NYX Black.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Benefit Dallas Boxed Powder: Review + Swatches!

Today's featured product is the Benefit Boxed Powder in Dallas.  This is a rosy brown with a slight sheen to it, and while the color may not look especially unique in photos, it is different from most bronze-like powders I've seen.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Questionnaire: August 6th, 2012

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope you all had a great weekend.  Time for another Monday Questionnaire! :)

Found this quote online last night!  I had never heard it before, but it is so true! :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

MAC Well Dressed Blush: Review + Swatch!

Today I wanted to share another one of my favorite MAC blushes, Well Dressed.  MAC describes this as "Immaculate Pink" with a satin finish.  Not quite sure that is a color description, but I would say this is a light neutral pink that depending on how you wear it, can appear more warm or cool on the skin.