Thursday, August 23, 2012

MAC By Request Collection Eyeshadows: Review + Swatch!

Today's featured eyeshadows are from the new MAC By Request collection, a collection of previously released limited edition products that users voted online to bring back again.  I think this was a fantastic idea for a release. It allowed MAC lovers to bring some of their favorite colors back, and it also ensured a good profit on MAC's side, because if everyone is voting for it, it's likely to sell!  While the launch didn't include any of my favorite past shades, it did have a couple eyeshadows that caught my eye: Jete and Moth Brown.

I would describe Jete as a sandy coral and Moth Brown as a purple and grey tinted dark brown.  Jete has a Veluxe Pearl finish and Moth Brown is a frost.  I knew right off the bat that I wanted Moth Brown... any kind of cool brown in classic MAC packaging triggers my hoarding tendencies.  I was a little on the fence about Jete, because in photos it seems like one of those colors that would be either really flattering, or really unflattering on my complexion.

 Jete, Moth Brown

Thankfully, I'm very happy with both of these shades!  Jete is gorgeous on the skin, and is just coral enough that the contrast looks great against blue eyes.  Moth brown is that perfect super-sultry-grey brown.  Both were really nicely pigmented and had zero fallout/crumbling action going on.

 Jete, Moth Brown

The MAC By Request collection is only available online at, and includes three eyeshadows, three lipsticks, and three lipglasses.  The collection is limited edition, so once it sells, it's gone!  The third eyeshadow in the release is Guacamole, a --you guessed it-- guacamole green.  I passed because it didn't look like something that would flatter me... except for on Taco Tuesdays, I guess! ;)

These eyeshadows retail for $15 each, but if you notice in the photo below, Jete contains 1.3g of product, while Moth Brown contains 1.5g of product.  Weird, right?  Don't know what the deal with that is, but typically, MAC eyeshadows should contain 1.5g in their standard packaging.

If you could request that MAC bring back one product, which would it be?  Mine would be Instant Chic blush (Pret-a-Papier), and Ripe Peach blush ombre (Spring Color Forecast).  Both are products I had in hand at the store during the release, then decided I would wait.  Ahh, regret... ;)

xx, Allison


  1. Hi Allison! Those are good selections, I'd definitely would pick Nude rose lipstick I really regret not buying a back up! :(

  2. Those are exactly the two things I would want back. I got instant chic through a swap on Makeup Alley and it is my all time favorite. Alas, Ripe Peach is very far from my grasp :(