Wednesday, August 15, 2012

MAC Lipstick in Pink Pearl Pop: Review + Swatches!

I got lost and found myself in the Nordstrom cosmetics department last week (again), and came across the recently released MAC Cremesheen + Pearl Collection for Fall 2012.  This collection features 16 new (and permanent) lip shades: 8 cremesheen lipsticks and 8 cremesheen glasses.  Cremesheen lipsticks are my favorite finish from MAC, so I was especially excited to check out an entire new collection of them.  I came across Pink Pearl Pop: a midtone pink that was oh-so-pretty, I had to take it home with me.

Just looking at it in the tube, Pink Pearl Pop may not seem like anything special.  At least, that's what I thought when I first saw it.  I was ready to pass right over it until one of the counter employees came over and told me it was their favorite.  They said it doesn't look too exciting in the tube, but on the lips is amazing.  So I decided to have them try it on me!

While Pink Pearl Pop is described as being frosty, there really isn't any visible frostiness to this.  I have a very low tolerance for frosty lipsticks, so I was happy about this.  The finish is typical cremesheen: very moisturizing and flattering on the lips.  However, because cremesheens are so moist, they tend to wear fewer hours than other finishes.  I don't mind, because I like reapplying fresh lip products after several hours of wear anyway.

And now for a lip swatch!  Unfortunately, this photo doesn't do this lipstick justice at all.  In reality, this lipstick is the perfect everyday match for my slightly sun-kissed complexion.  It has that flirty "girl-next-door" vibe to it: girly pink, but not so bright/heavy/overwhelming that it distracts from the rest of my appearance.

I am so glad this color is going to be permanent, because this is going to be one of those shades I'll use every last bit of.  It's going to be like my NARS Turkish Delight lip gloss that goes everywhere with me.  Vanity, purse, vacation, work, airport, grocery store, you name it, I'll have it on me!

MAC lipsticks retail for $15 and can be purchased wherever MAC cosmetics are sold.

Did you get anything from this collection?
xx, Allison


  1. Wow this lipstick looks amazing! You can't go past a good pink :) I haven't got anything form this collection but I did get a new creamsheen lipstick the other day that has quickly become my fave it's "cherish",the best nude-ish colour I have come across in a long time! Thanks the fabulous reviews :)

    1. Looks great wish I had a mac counter need me :) x