Thursday, August 2, 2012

MAC Well Dressed Blush: Review + Swatch!

Today I wanted to share another one of my favorite MAC blushes, Well Dressed.  MAC describes this as "Immaculate Pink" with a satin finish.  Not quite sure that is a color description, but I would say this is a light neutral pink that depending on how you wear it, can appear more warm or cool on the skin.

Well Dressed is a blush that took a long time for me to figure out.  I originally purchased it because of all of the hype I heard about it, but was quickly disappointed with its pigmentation on my skin.  Thus, it sat in my drawer for a long time, used only occasionally.  Then one day I decided to start trying it with different blush brushes, and voile!  I found a way for it to work extremely well!  Before, I had always been using a fluffy round brush (MAC 129 or similar).  After experimentation, I found a slightly stiff, angled brush picks up more product and applies it much more easily.  I now always use this with my Sigma F40 angled blush brush.

I'm including two up-close photos of this one, because it looks a bit different photographed in my hand versus a white background.  The hand photo gives a little better idea of how it looks next to skin, instead of a white background.

This blush is simply amazing on the skin.  I find it compliments nearly any look, and gives a very feminine flush.  I've paired this with everything from simple to dramatic eye looks, and it goes well with all of them!

MAC powder blushes contain 6g/.21 oz of product and retail for $20.  Well Dressed is part of their permanent collection, and can be purchased wherever MAC is sold.

Overall, if you have the patience to figure out how to get this blush to work best for you, I highly recommend it.  However, if you are looking for an easy swipe-and-go blush that can be used with nearly any applicator, this isn't the blush for you!  I would only recommend this for fair to medium complexions.

What blush are you wearing today?
xx, Allison


  1. I have been debating about getting this blush. I bought NYX Angel as a dupe for it. Do you know if they are actually similar at all?? Can you see the color on your skin? Thanks Alison! I love your reviews :)

  2. i'm wearing hervana by benefit and the light shade in there as a highlight. it's just perfect!
    i bought that blush for my best friend, she has a very light complexion and it looks amazing on her!

  3. This reminds me a lot of tartes

  4. I love your swatches! I have a fair complexion so your reviews are very helpful for me <3 EMIwifey4lifey