Friday, August 24, 2012

NEW! Maybelline Jewel Tone Color Tattoo Eyeshadows for Fall 2012: Swatches + Review!

Maybelline has been on a roll with their Color Tattoo Eyeshadows recently!  About a week after discovering four new neutral Color Tattoos in their Fall 2012 Collection at Rite Aid, I stumbled across four new jewel tone shades at Target.  Like the shadows in their new fall collection, all four of these shades are limited edition as well.  That means 8 new limited edition shades are on the shelves right now... how exciting!

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I love the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows because they are the only drugstore cream shadow I've found that wears like a MAC Paint Pot/Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/MUFE Aqua Cream.  They don't budge, don't crease, and wear well alone or under a powder shadow (no other primer needed).

This release features Fuchsia Fever (deep fuchsia), "Ready, Set, Green" (medium jade green), Blue on By (bright royal blue), and Test my Teal (darkened blue-green).  All four of these shades have an element of shimmer or frost to them.

 Fuchsia Fusion, "Ready, Set, Green"
Blue on By, Test My Teal

I was a little surprised with the consistency of these colors.  Fuchsia Fever, "Ready, Set, Green," and Blue on By were noticeably thinner and more sheer than the other Color Tattoo eyeshadows.  They were still easy to work with, but required a little building to get the opacity shown below.  If you are looking for a cream shadow to wear alone as a fully opaque color, these may be a bit trying to build up that much.  Even with a little layering, you can see below that they still aren't entirely opaque.  However, Test my Teal had a thicker consistency, similar to the permanent range.

Fuchsia Fusion, "Ready, Set, Green", Blue on By, Test My Teal

So how do these compare to other shades in the Color Tattoo collection?  I dug through the stash to see which ones could possibly be similar.  First up, the purple tones!  As you can see below, Fuchsia Fusion is much more pink than Pomegranate Punk, and much less purple than Painted Purple. 

Pomegranate Punk, Fuchsia Fusion, Painted Purple

Fuchsia Fusion's consistency is a bit thinner than Pomegranate Punk, but much better than Painted Purple (which is the worst consistency I've found in this line).  Pomegranate Punk has a shimmer to it, where Fuchsia Fusion and Painted Purple are just frosty.

 Pomegranate Punk, Fuchsia Fusion, Painted Purple

On to the greens!  Ready, Set, Green is less blue than Edgy Emerald, and less gold than Mossy Green.    It is the truest green of the line so far.

Edgy Emerald, "Ready, Set, Green", Mossy Green 

All three shades have a frost finish.  Edgy Emerald and Mossy Green have thicker consistencies, while  Ready, Set, Green has a thinner (but buildable) formulation.

Edgy Emerald, "Ready, Set, Green", Mossy Green

Now for blues!  Test my Teal is much darker than Tenacious Teal (did they have to name the two so similarly?), but overall I would say they are pretty equal in color: they are about the same ratio of blue/green, just darker or lighter versions.  Blue on By is much more blue than Test my Teal and Tenacious Teal.

 Test my Teal, Tenacious Teal, Blue on By

Test my Teal and Blue My Mind have frost finishes, while Tenacious Teal has a silver shimmer to it.  Test my Teal and Tenacious Teal have a similar, thick consistency.  Blue on By is a bit thinner, as mentioned earlier.

 Test my Teal, Tenacious Teal, Blue on By

So there you have it!  I have now reviewed/compared/swatched all of the existing Maybelline Color Tattoos on this blog (phew!).  These retail for roughly $6 and are available in drugstores.  So far, I have only spotted these new jewel tone colors in Targets, but hopefully they will be appearing elsewhere soon.

If you would like to check out my reviews on the other Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows (both limited and permanent), see these posts!
Have a great weekend everyone!
xx, Allison


  1. Love these! I'm sad some of the new ones have been off though. I reviewed & swatched the other new 4 & wish they weren't limited edition though!

  2. I love the Maybelline color tattoo line! I'm hoping they release some matte ones! Preferably nude ones ;)

  3. I'll be on the search for these today, hopefully I find them:)

  4. Could you do some makeup tutorials with these colours? I want to get the pink and green one but im not sure how i would wear them