Wednesday, August 29, 2012

NYC Bronzer in Sunny: Review + Swatch!

A while ago, I did a blog post about another bronzer and asked you all to share your favorite bronzer in a comment.  A bunch of you recommended the NYC bronzer in Sunny, so I've now gotten around to trying it out!

Sunny is packaged in bronze plastic cosmetic casing, and comes with a mirror in the lid and a round applicator sponge.  I'm not a fan of the casing, as mine has difficulty closing, and overall feels like it could break somewhat easily.  However, I love the sun imprint in the powder itself... perfect for a bronzer!

I would describe Sunny as a light-medium, matte bronzing shade.  It is certainly warm (which most bronzers are), but isn't orange at all on my skin.

I was really surprised by the formulation of this powder.  It is nicely pigmented, blends well, and had zero crumbling in the pan.  The color works really nicely on my complexion as well.  I've been using the Real Techniques blush brush to apply this and it works wonderfully!

NYC Sunny bronzer retails for roughly $3, and considering its quality, this is a steal.  I now get why everyone raves about it!  The low price tag is definitely not reflective of the actual product, however the casing does feel like $3 casing to me.  I think this bronzer would work best on lighter complexions, though it is buildable.

Have you tried any products that are better than the price tag suggests?
xx, Allison


  1. Maybe I'll try this when I run out of my Rimmel bronzer.

  2. I have this and I love it! I'm 14 and very fair and have been using this for about a year. It's a staple in my collection. I will repurchase. Great post! I love your blog/videos, Allison. So well put together and consistent. -Noelle

  3. I got mine for $0.75 at CVS on sale. Hahha the least amount of money I have ever spent on makeup ever!

  4. Looks a lot like the Rimmel bronzer I have! Maybe it's a good dupe. I think I'll test it soon. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I think I've just received a fake. My swatch is nothing but crumbly and there's now a dark circle where I swirled my clean finger around the centre so I'm pretty peeved at the moment. It has labels, was unopened etc could be expired but something tells me it's not.