Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Benefit Perk Up Artist Complexion Corrector: Review + Swatches!

One of Benefit's newest products is the Perk Up Artist Complexion Corrector: a three shade correcting concealer palette that is meant to brighten, correct, and cover areas of the skin.  This kit also comes with a dual ended concealer brush.

I like that this packaging is really compact.  Its size is similar to a deck of cards.  It also comes with a nice sized mirror in the lid.  I'm not crazy about the white casing, as it will probably get dirty pretty easily when bouncing around in a makeup bag, but that's more about individual preference than functionality.

The three concealers in this palette are a yellow "Correct" concealer, nude "Cover" concealer, and pink "Brighten" concealer.  One thing I really, really like about this design is each concealer has its own individual plastic lid that snaps down to keep it airtight.  This way, it won't dry out quickly!

The dual ended concealer brush is surprisingly pretty great.  It actually felt like something I could use and wash constantly and would hold up.

I have one big complaint about this palette, and that is the color range.  I understand that when a company releases a concealer palette, it can't fit all skin tones, but this palette is really specific.  Unless you are a perfect match for it, it probably won't work for you.  Furthermore, I think the "Correct" concealer is a bit too yellow to work well on anyone.

Here are swatches on my ~NC20 skin.  As you can see, the yellow is in no way wearable on me.  Similarly, the "Cover" nude shade is way too dark to ever use to cover anything.  The only color in this palette that I could possibly use is the salmon pink.

Now for the upside: I liked the feel of these concealers.  The formulation was very creamy and they didn't seem dry at all on my skin.  However, they were a bit on the sheer side.  Below is a before and after comparison of the salmon pink in my undereye area.  You can see just how sheer it is, but it did brighten a little.  I would use this in conjunction with my regular concealer to get a full effect out of it.  On it's own, it is a little too sheer to make a huge difference.

The Benefit Perk Up Artist Complexion Corrector retails for $30 and can be purchased wherever Benefit Cosmetics are sold.  Each concealer contains 1.5g/.05 oz of product.

If your complexion is a match for this palette and you're dying to try it, it may be worth a shot.  However, considering the yellow is a bit crazy and the pink is a bit sheer, I still think you could search around and probably find something that works better.  

Overall, the design is great, but the actual product doesn't impress me.  It's a shame, because I normally love Benefit products and the creativity they exude, but this product falls flat for me.

Have you tried this?  Do you have any suggestions on how I could make it work better for me?
xx, Allison


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  1. Great review! When I first saw this product, I was hoping that it universally fitted all skin tones. Cute packaging though! x


  2. Such pretty eyes. Like looking into the bottom of a swimming pool. Yep those colors don't seem like they would work for most people. I love laura mercier secret Camo in sc2 and the mufe 5 pan concealer set.

  3. Mix the corrector & concealer to get your skintone dear :)

    Its also happen to me, with benefit boing in how to look best set ..


  4. I feel the same way.I wasn't that impressed, especially with the nude shade. But the yellow worked best for me.The brighten was a bit sheer though,I agree.