Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Handbag Haul: Tory Burch City Satchel + more!

I'm not someone who is constantly switching out handbags and grabbing the latest styles, but every once in a while I get the handbag-switch-itch and like to try something new.  When I visited the Tory Burch store a couple of weeks ago, they were offering 30% off of anything and everything in the entire store, if you spent over a certain amount.  It's a rare opportunity to get current season Tory Burch products at such a great discount, so I decided to go ahead and have a little fun!

The first item that caught my eye was the City Satchel in a buttery, light tan color.  I found something about its simplicity to be very striking, and the enabler in me whispered "It will never go out of style, or season..."

The City Satchel has rolled top-handles and a mostly bucket-style interior, although it does have a side zip-compartment and two small pockets for keys/phone/lipstick/jelly beans.

The zipper and hardware of the bag is gold.  One thing I love about this bag is that it is very lightweight.  One of my (back's) biggest pet peeves about handbags is when the material is so thick or hardware is so bulky that you feel like you are carrying a bag full of stuff before anything even gets put in it.  This bag isn't that way.

However, if you give a mouse a cookie, or moose a muffin, it's going to want a wallet to go with it.  The next thing that caught my eye was the Robinson Zip Continental wallet in light blue.  I'm still slightly obsessed with minty light blues, and thought this would go beautifully with the color of the City Satchel.

This wallet has pretty standard construction: card and cash pockets on both sides, coin zip in the middle.  Perfect for holding anything I need it to.  I rarely use anything other than zip wallets these days, because I love the fact that nothing can fall out of them, no matter how jostled the bag gets.  No losing cards/cash/coins/receipts!

The final item I got is the Robinson Slim Card Case in brown.  One reason I rarely switch out my wallets/handbags is because I hate the process of fishing through my credit cards and transferring them, especially if I'm in a hurry to get out the door.  I thought this would be perfect because I can put all of my important cards (debit/credit/ID) in it, keep it inside my larger zip wallet, but grab it in a flash to stuff it in a clutch or pocket if needed.  It has 2 card slots on each side, as well as a large top opening to stuff more cards/cash/keys in.  It fits perfectly next to the coin pocket of the Robinson Zip Continental wallet, but is easy to grab out quickly and go!

Now if you would like to see what I'm actually keeping in this bag, I have a new "What's in my Bag?" video below!
xx, Allison


  1. Some beautiful bags there. I've never really been into Tory birch but that blue wallet is beautiful.