Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tarte Glamazon 12-Hour Lipsticks: Review + Swatches!

Tarte has released their new Glamazon Pure Performance 12-Hour Lipsticks for Fall 2012.  I've been really curious about this launch, because these lipsticks contain the Tarte Amazonian Clay ingredient, and the Amazonian Clay blushes are some of the best I've used.  I wondered if the Glamazon lipsticks would have similar long-wearing properties.

Inspired, Whimsy, Playful, Foxy, Wild, Fierce, Bold

I have mixed feelings on the packaging of these.  I love that the casing is wood and color coded to the lipstick inside.  However, the actual tube dimensions are a little odd.  These lipstick cases are very long, over 1.5 times as long as MAC lipsticks.  The drawback of this is they take up a little extra room, but unless you are trying to cram one in a small clutch, it probably wouldn't be bothersome.

Inspired, Whimsy, Playful, Foxy, Wild, Fierce, Bold

The colors in this line tend to be on the brighter, redder side, although there are a few lighter colors available.  It includes both cool and warm colors, so I think most people could find something that works with their complexion.  All of the colors I've tried are creams, and don't have any frost/shimmer/sheen to them, which I like!

Inspired, Whimsy, Playful, Foxy, Wild, Fierce, Bold

I didn't really get excited about these lipsticks until I swatched them.  They are SO creamy and pigmented, all of the swatches below are one simple, quick swipe.  These are even softer than the MAC Cremesheens, except way more pigmented.

Now for me, I prefer this sort of formulation more for darker/brighter shades.  I like my lighter lipsticks to be a little sheer, so I'm not crazy about the lighter colors on me.  The darker shades are awesome though!  I will be wearing Foxy all season long!

Inspired, Whimsy, Playful, Foxy, Wild, Fierce, Bold

These wear all day, don't melt into my lips (and bleed around my mouth), and are really hydrating, so I'm very impressed with the quality.  I shouldn't be surprised after my experience with the Amazonian Clay blushes, but these really remind me of them in lipstick form.

Unfortunately, these lipsticks aren't cheap.  They retail for $26 a tube, which is a pretty hefty price tag.  Considering what you are looking for, it may or may not be worth the splurge.  If you are looking for a dusty pink like Inspired, you could probably find something cheaper and similar elsewhere.  However, if you are looking for a perfect red lip that wears all day, doesn't bleed, and is hydrating, the red shades may be worth the splurge!

Overall, I give these an A+ for quality and formulation.  If you are a lipstick fan, you may want to give these a look!

Do you prefer your lipsticks to be opaque, or more sheer?  I like sheer for light pinks/nudes, opaque for reds/brights.
xx, Allison


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  1. Those colors are so bright and pretty and packaging is so pretty too...great post! :).

  2. Oh wow! The tubes are beautiful! I think this would be a must for someone who HAS to have a fab red lipstick. It sounds like such a perfect product!