Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nail of the Day: OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons

Today's Nail of the Day is another color from the OPI Germany collection: Don't Pretzel My Buttons.  This is a nude cream that is another one of those great everyday polish colors.  The formulation of this was good, and it was nice and opaque-- is it just me, or are we seeing more and more opaque nudes these days?  Yay!  It seems like it used to be so much harder to find something that didn't require 49 coats.

I can't think of an exact dupe for this, but the color isn't anything new.  This is warmer than Essie Sand Tropez (my favorite nude).  If I had to give a close comparison, I would say this is the same tone of neutral as OPI San Tan-tonio, but lighter.  If you already have some nude polishes, this probably won't be overly exciting, but nonetheless it is a nice neutral polish if you are in the market for one!

Do you wear nude polishes in the fall?  I find that nude is a year-round staple for me.  Especially when I want something that won't look horrendous the moment is starts to chip!

xx, Allison

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