Saturday, October 13, 2012

NYX Blush in Mocha: Review + Swatch!

As we get deeper into fall and closer to winter, I wanted to share with you one of the blushes in my collection that is great for the season.  NYX Mocha is a medium matte red pink, and I find this is great at giving the cheeks that fresh flushed look of having been caught out in the cold.

Like the rest of the blushes in this line, Mocha has a quilted design in the powder, which I love.  However, I'm a little confused... why is the color named Mocha?  I know beauty products don't always match their names really well, but I would expect this blush to be the color of coffee, not a pink.  Is there a different something called Mocha I don't know of?  Regardless, the color is beautiful and great moving into the fall and winter seasons.

Mocha has a really great formulation: pigmented, blendable, and smooth.  This blush wears about average on me.  The color reminds me a little of winter berries, almost like something I would expect Snow White to wear.

NYX blushes contain .18 oz/5.2g of powder and retail for roughly $6 each (unless you score a sale!).  I think this is a pretty good price for the amount of product you get, considering the quality.  For reference, MAC blushes contain 6g of powder and retail for $20!

On my light complexion, it's easy to overdo this color so I make sure to use a lighter hand with it.  If you have a medium complexion, this would probably make a great everyday color for you!

Do you like blushes with red tones in them?  I am pretty picky about them... the wrong one will make me look sunburned!
xx, Allison


  1. That colour is so gorgeous!!:)

  2. LOVE this color for Fall!

    Xo, Mal