Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Benefit High Flyin' Glosses Set for Holiday 2012: Review + Swatches!

I'm back today with an especially glossy holiday gift set to share with you.  The Benefit High Flyin' Glosses Set for Holiday 2012 features six mini tubes of their Ultra Plush Lip Glosses.  

One thing that appeals to me about this set (and holiday gloss sets in general) is the packaging is mini.  I don't know about all of you, but in reality, I don't often finish a lip gloss before it reaches its expiration date (by changing consistency, or just becoming too old where I worry about bacteria buildup).  The nice thing about holiday sets is you can get a wide variety of shades in package sizes you can feasibly use up before they get old.

CORALista, Dallas, Bella Bamba, Hoola, Sugarbomb, Dandelion

The six shades featured in this set are CORALista, Dallas, Bella Bamba, Hoola, Sugarbomb, and Dandelion.  I've reviewed some of these shades previously on this blog, but to recap, I really like the formulation of these glosses.  They are smooth, smell amazing, and are moisturizing on my lips.  However, they are definitely on the sheer side, so if you are looking for something opaque, look elsewhere!

CORALista, Dallas, Bella Bamba, Hoola, Sugarbomb, Dandelion

There isn't really a wide range selection of colors in this set.  They are all on the more natural, wearable side.  Personally, I would like if there was at least one really fun one, like a bright red or hot pink, just to have as that "special" color.  There isn't one shade I see that makes me go "Ooh!  I want to wear that one Friday night!"  If I were buying this kit for someone who was low on their lip gloss stash, I would want it to have a "special" color for their collection too.

My favorites of the kit are CORALista, Bella Bamba, and Dandelion.  I've been wearing Dandelion especially often lately as a super sheer, milky gloss color, and I love it.  As I stated in previous reviews, Dallas is a little too brown for my complexion and Sugarbomb is a little to glittery for my everyday taste (no pun intended).  Hoola is a nice light shimmery color, but like Sugarbomb, is a bit glittery.

This set retails for $26 and can be purchased wherever Benefit Cosmetics are sold.  I think the quality of the glosses are good enough to justify the price (if you are looking for a sheer formulation), and the size is perfect for a handbag.  I think the big question for buyers is whether or not the shades are something you are looking for, and whether or not you like your glosses to be sheer or opaque.

What do you guys think?  When you purchase sets of something, do you prefer a wide variety of colors or something in a certain color family?  I like when eyeshadow sets are in the same color family, but for something like lip products, I like a variety.

xx, Allison


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  1. They look amazing might be on my xmas wish list!:)

  2. I want a variety as well.