Sunday, December 9, 2012

CARGO Blush in Catalina: Review + Swatch!

I'm welcoming a new brand to this blog today, Cargo!  I've always heard wonderful things about Cargo blushes, and several months ago I acquired my first one, so I thought I would share my thoughts on it!  The featured blush in this post is Catalina, a beautiful medium cotton candy pink.

Catalina has a matte finish, and I was impressed with the formulation.  It was pigmented and blendable without being chalky (as matte blushes can often be).  Isn't the color gorgeous?  I think it screams summer... which means it isn't getting too much use these days!

Cargo blushes contain 8.9g/0.314 oz of product and retail for $29.  This probably seems like an especially hefty price tag for a blush, but in reality it is similar in price to MAC and Benefit in price per gram, you are just getting a lot more product at one time.
  • Cargo: $29/8.9g = $3.26 per gram ($92.36 per ounce)
  • NARS: $28/4.8g = $5.83 per gram ($175 per ounce)
  • MAC: $20/6g = $3.33 per gram ($95.34 per ounce)
  • Benefit: $28/8g = $3.50 per gram ($100 per ounce)

I received this product in a Little Black Bag courtesy of the company, but I wanted to note that Little Black Bag costs $49.95 and you get 2-3 other items in your bag as well.  I'm not sure if they are still offering Cargo products, but it may be worth checking out first if you are interested in that sort of thing!  You may be able to offset the $29 retail value by getting a few other things with it.

I like the packaging of these blushes, surprisingly I can't think of too many companies that use tin-style casing.  However, if I were to own a bunch of these, I would probably get a little annoyed that I can't tell what the color inside is until I open it up.

Overall, I think the quality is great.  The blush applies and wears well (~8 hours, normal).  Catalina is a beautiful shade, and I don't think you would be disappointed in the formulation!  The packaging is probably a hit-or-miss depending on your taste, but it doesn't have any functionality problems.  If you are looking to spend $29 on a blush, this one is worth checking out!

Have you tried Cargo blushes?  What did you think?
xx, Allison


  1. Nail Polish Collection Video??

  2. Where can I purchase cargo products? I tried a couple years back and heard the line was discontinued/Sephora didn't sell their stuff anymore. I love their foundation!

    1. I think you can get it at Ulta. This blush is so pretty and looks like it will last a while too.(:

  3. Thanks for the reply! I will most definitely look into it!