Friday, February 15, 2013

NEW! Sigma Beauty Individual Eyeshadows Part 1: Light Neutrals

Hi everyone!  The last few weeks have been pretty crazy for me, so the blog hasn't gotten much love! However, I have a ton of new products to share with you guys over the upcoming weeks, because it seems every company and its cat has released a thousand new products for Spring (yay!).

Sigma Beauty has released a brand new collection of 30 individual eyeshadows retailing for $11 each.  All 30 of the shades can be found in pre-existing eyeshadow palettes.  In this post, I'm going to focus on the light neutrals colors of the collection.

Overall, Sigma has done a good job in creating a wide variety of light neutral colors.  Finishes include sheen, matte, frost, and "dimensional frost.

The casing of these individual eyeshadows is simple.  They come in a round compact with a clear plastic flip up lid, and the Sigma logo on top.  The packaging doesn't especially excite me, but it is very functional.

The bottom of each eyeshadow features the product name and details.

I find that the light neutral selection in this eyeshadow line leans toward the neutral-warm side.  The colors are mostly neutral nudes and golden nudes.

Elope, Escape, Publicize, Chase

Elope, Escape, Publicize, Chase

The formulation of these eyeshadows is really good, even better than I remember it being in their Bare/Dare/Flare palettes (maybe they were reformulated a bit?).  The pigmentation was great and the texture was nice.  Some of these did crumble a little upon use, but not to an extent that caused problems.  I would give the formulation a B+/A- depending on the shade... in general: they are really good, but not the absolute best I've ever used.

Approach, Versailles, Command

My favorite of this category is Versailles, an illuminating frosty golden nude (originally from the Paris palette).  It has a "dimensional frost" finish, and it really is dimensional.

Approach, Versailles, Command

If you are looking to try some new eyeshadows, these are worth taking a look at.  I would have liked to see some brand new colors in this launch... I'm assuming that in time they will release some new shades.  In the meantime, I think they have a really great starting selection of colors and finishes.

If you are debating between purchasing these individually or in palettes, here is quick comparison breakdown for you:
  • The Dare/Bare/Flare palettes retail for $39 each, contain 8 eyeshadows (1.5g each), and a dual ended brush.  
    • It is hard to calculate an exact cost-per-gram for these palettes because the brush affects the price, but isn't included as weight.  If we ignore the brush to begin with:
      • 1.5g/eyeshadow x 8 eyeshadows = 12g
      • $39/12g = $3.25 per gram
  • The individual eyeshadows retail for $11 each and contain 2.5g each.
      • $11/2.5g = $4.40 per gram (remember, the brush is included in the palettes, no brush is included with individuals, so this isn't an entirely accurate comparison)
You get more product in the individuals, but if you don't think you need all 2.5g, it could be more cost effective buying these in palettes.  The Bare/Dare/Flare palettes retail for $39 each and contain 8 eyeshadows, so buying a palette separately would be $88.

And last but not least, you can get 10% off all orders this month on the Sigma website with the code BASE2013 !

Have you tried these eyeshadows?  Do they appeal to you?
xx, Allison


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