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NEW! Sigma Beauty Eye Shadow Bases: Review + Swatches!

Happy Monday, everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  Today I'm sharing the new Sigma Beauty Eyeshadow Bases.  As you guys know, I prefer to use cream shadows to prime my eyelids, so I was really curious to see how these performed!

The new Sigma Beauty Eye Shadow Bases come in 9 different colors and are available both individually and in sets of three.  The shades were formulated to compliment their Bare, Dare, and Flare eyeshadow palettes.  To roughly sum it up, the color selection features 3 light neutrals, 3 dark neutrals, and 3 purple toned colors.

The 3 light neutrals include two matte nude colors and a shimmery gold.  I like that Sigma included a matte nude in two different shades, because these are the sorts of colors I use most and it's nice that people have an option depending on their complexion.  The shimmery gold shade is nice too, I like that it isn't overbearingly gold or frosty, so it is actually wearable.

Persuade, Provoke, Unveil

As you can see, these colors are nicely pigmented.  These bases are very creamy and have a thicker consistency than most cream eyeshadows I've used.  The consistency is thicker than Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows, Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows, and MUFE Aqua Creams.  I find that these feel very similar to MAC Paint Pots.

Persuade, Provoke, Unveil

The 3 darker neutrals included all have shimmery finishes.   The color that really caught my eye out of this group is Spy: a gorgeous duo-chrome green/maroon that is a cream shadow dupe of MAC Club eyeshadow.  I've seen Club replicated in powder shadows before, but have never come across a cream shadow of the shade.  It's absolutely gorgeous.

Pose, Spy, Sculpt

These shades are also nicely pigmented.  It is hard to capture the duo-chrome nature of Spy on camera, but you can see a bit of green reflects in the swatch.  It's a very interesting color!

Pose, Spy, Sculpt

The 3 purple toned eyeshadows include a shimmery burgundy, shimmery purple, and matte plum.  I think it's interesting that this release was so purple heavy (wasn't I just saying the same thing about Benefit's new powder shadows?).  I would have expected the few "non-neutral" colors to include a purple, blue, and green or some variety assortment of the like. However, these shades were created to compliment their existing palettes and perhaps these were the better fit.

Strike, Pursue, Dash

As with the rest of this line, these shades are also very pigmented.  Strike reminds me a lot of Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk, and Pursue reminds me of Maybelline's Color Tattoo eyeshadow in Fuchsia Fusion.  Neither are exact dupes, but are very similar colors.

Strike, Pursue, Dash

I found that these wore all day on me without creasing, with and without powder eyeshadow layered on top.  As far as formulation goes, these pass the test!

My biggest criticism of these bases is the packaging.  As I've stated in other posts, I am not a fan of "excess" packaging.  I don't like unnecessary plastic bulking up a product, and these eyeshadow bases are pretty bulky.

For starters, the opening of the jar is quite small, and is surrounded by a large amount of plastic.  As someone who uses their fingers to apply this sort of product, I prefer to have a large area to work my finger around in.  I especially love the packaging of Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows and MUFE Aqua Creams because they have very wide openings.

Bulky products take up more room in my makeup drawer, makeup bag, and anywhere else I want to keep them.  Below is a photo comparison of one of these bases next to a MAC Paint Pot.  Both contain an equal amount of product: 5g.  The Sigma Eyeshadow Base is significantly larger than the MAC Paint Pot because of excess packaging.  You can see how small the actual area containing product is on the Sigma Eyeshadow Base, followed by nearly twice as much empty plastic on the sides.  Smaller jar opening, larger overall package-- not extremely functional for what I am looking for.

One feature of the packaging that I do like is the plastic air-tight topper that comes in each jar.  This helps prevent drying out, so the shadow will last longer.  I haven't seen any other cream shadows come with something like this (and this may be why Sigma chose a smaller mouth for the jar overall).

As I mentioned earlier, these cream shadows are sold both individually or in pre-packaged sets of three that include a brush.  The individual shadows retail for $13 each, and the sets are $36 each.  Considering the sets also come with an "Eye Shadow Base" brush, the set is a better deal if you want all three colors that come in it.  The sets and their colors are the following:
I think these are priced pretty decently, considering they contain a good amount of product and the quality is similar to more expensive competitors.  

Overall: the formulation of the Sigma Beauty Eye Shadow Bases is great: these shadows are pigmented, long-wearing, and crease-free.  The packaging, however, is too bulky for my taste.  The color selection isn't anything new, except for Spy, which is a rare shade to come across.

If you are looking for some quality eyeshadow bases and don't mind bulky packaging, these are worth a shot!  These are available on Sigma Beauty's website, and you can currently get 10% off of your purchase with the code SAVE2013 !

Do you care about a product being bulky/having excess packaging?
xx, Allison


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    1. Omg yes packaging can be a huge deal-breaker for me. I have avoided and returned some great products solely because of the packaging. Including the Revlon color stay whipped foundation. Great review, as always! Love your blog!