Monday, April 22, 2013

Nail of the Day: L'Oreal The Palace Life

Today's nail shade is The Palace Life from L'Oreal's Versailles Romance collection for Spring 2013.  This is a warm, pastel pink cream that is really great for an everyday pink.  

I've found that the newer polishes have a redesigned brush that isn't in any of my L'Oreal polishes from their permanent collection.  The brush is long, flat, and wide, but it has slightly rounded edges, making it perfect for painting next to the cuticles.  This is the best brush I have ever used, and no other brand that I've found has one like it.  I wish every single one of my polishes could have a brush like this one... easiest painting ever!

The Palace Life has a really nice consistency and only takes 2 coats for full opacity.  I initially assumed I had to have something else already like it in my collection, but after searching my inventory realized I didn't!  For that reason, I don't know any exact dupes, but there are definitely a thousand other pastel pinks on the market that are similar.

The L'Oreal Versailles Romance collection can be found in drugstores!

What is on your nails today?
xx, Allison

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