Wednesday, April 10, 2013

NEW Maybelline Color Tattoos for Summer 2013: Review + Swatches!

Summer collections are starting to hit drugstores, and among them are some new Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadows.  The majority of the new shades are beautiful, unique duochromes, which leads me to believe that this line will be a huge hit.

I snagged four of the six new shades.  The two I didn't get were an icy mint and purple, which I passed on because they didn't really stand out to me (and didn't appear to be as duochrome).

Of the four I did purchase, two are blue based, one is yellow based, and one is white based.  However, the camera doesn't even begin to do them justice, so I will do my best to describe them to the fullest.

Cool Crush, Waves of White
Seashore Frosts, Shady Shores 

Cool Crush is an icy blue/purple/silver duochrome.  If you like blues/purples, you'll probably love this.

Seashore Frosts is a blue/green/golden tan duochrome, and I am IN LOVE with it.  I haven't been so excited about a new product in a long time.  More on this one in a minute.

Shady Shores is a warm yellow/gold/green duochrome.  It does pull mostly yellow, but you can definitely see a variation as it moves.

Waves of White is a white/pink/purple/blue/green duochrome.  It was the most surprising to me, as it looks quite plain white in the jar.  This is truly iridescent.  Amazing.

Cool Crush, Seashore Frosts, Shady Shores, Waves of White 

The swatches above are about two light coats.  These are nicely pigmented, but like most cream shadows, if you want a truly opaque coverage you'll want to build them up a little bit.

Okay, back to Seashore Frosts.  I cannot even convey how much I love this color.  Because it has a neutral element to its duochrome, it can be wearable.  At the right angle, this will just look like a beautiful bronzed tan.  At another, it looks like mermaid magic.  Yes, mermaid magic. (Can I start naming these products?)  If you see this one in store and are on the fence about getting it, I wouldn't wait.  I think this shade will sell out everywhere and possible be one of those that makeup lovers are searching for on Makeup Alley and eBay.  And sadly, these are all limited edition!

Seashore Frosts (aka Mermaid Magic)

I took a photo of these with the flash to try and get a better shot of the duochrome.  Below you can see the complexity of these a little better.  Seashore Frosts... it's going to be a popular one.

Cool Crush, Waves of White
Seashore Frosts, Shady Shores

I found these for only $4.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond... I had no idea their prices were so great!  As far as I've heard, Bed Bath & Beyond is the only place these have been spotted so far... and I had to go to two different stores to even find a fully stocked display.  Hopefully they will start popping up in other locations within the next month.

What do you think of this collection?  Do you like duochrome colors?
xx, Allison

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