Sunday, June 30, 2013

Follow Me On Bloglovin'!

Hi everyone!  I wanted to do a quick little post to discuss some changes with Google that will affect those of you who use Google Reader to follow your favorite blogs.  If you haven't heard already, Google Reader is shutting down as of July 1st.  If you are looking for a new place to see all of your favorite blogs in one feed, I recommend switching over to Bloglovin'!  Here is my specific page, if you already have Bloglovin' account just click "Follow" and you are all set:

Just to be clear, nothing is changing with this blog/its web address, etc. :)

Hope you all had a great weekend!
xx, Allison

Friday, June 28, 2013

Nail of the Day: China Glaze Sun of a Peach

When I first laid eyes on today's featured nail polish, I thought, "Sun of a Peach, that is a good color!"  Sun of a Peach is a neon peach creme from the new China Glaze Sunsational collection, and I am in love!  Oranges can be a big hit or miss on my skin tone, but this one works for me.  This one was a bit tricky to photograph because it is much brighter on the nails than it looks in the picture!

natural light, 3 coats

Sun of a Peach has a better formulation than Neon and On and On from this collection, though it was still a little sheer.  I ended up doing three coats for full opacity.

You can find this Sun of a Peach online at Ulta.  The Sunsational collection features twelve neon colors, six cremes and six jellies.  Ulta is offering all six cremes in a set online for $30, and all six jellies for $30 as well.

Did you get anything from this collection?
xx, Allison

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nail of the Day: China Glaze Neon and On and On

China Glaze has released their new Sunsational collection for Summer 2013, featuring 12 neon colors: six jellies and six cremes.  I'm not a big fan of jellies, but love a good creme neon, so I ended up snagging all six!  Today's Nail of the Day is Neon and On and On, a light, bright pink with warm/yellow undertones.

natural light, 3 coats

The formulation of Neon and On and On is sub-par for China Glaze-- not terrible, but not as smooth as the typical formulation.  It is a little sheer, a little patchy, and dries with zero shine (as neon polishes tend to do).  Most nails were opaque in two coats, but I added a third to make sure they were all solid.  I love the color enough that I don't mind working a bit extra with the formulation, and a top coat added all the shine I needed.  

You can find the China Glaze Sunsational collection online at Ulta.  They have all six cremes in a set for only $30!

What is your favorite neon nail polish?
xx, Allison

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bobbi Brown Face & Body Bronzing Duo: Review + Swatches

I'm on a total bronzer kick right now, and one of the new bronzers I've been using is the Bobbi Brown Face & Body Bronzing Duo.  This is new in their Nude Beach collection and features two red-toned brown shades.  I've always heard that in order to "fake" your best tan with makeup, you should use the colors you naturally tan to, and I tan a little red.  I wanted to try this duo to see if a bronzer with more red in it would give me a natural sunkissed look when dusted on the high points of my face.  

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

MAC Temperature Rising Haul: Blush, Bronzer + Golden Elixir!

Every May, MAC launches a big summer themed collection.  This year it is Temperature Rising, full of products with bronze and "hot" summer colors, and complete with special bronze packaging.  It has been a while since anything from a new MAC collection caught my eye, but there were a few products in this one I couldn't pass up!