Thursday, July 11, 2013

Madewell "The Marfa" Bag: The Perfect Summer Handbag

I have a new favorite handbag of the moment: Madewell's "The Marfa" Bag.  I spotted this in store last month and fell head over heels in love with it.  Because I posted an updated "What's in my Purse" video on my YouTube channel today, I thought I would do an in-depth blog post on the bag itself.

The Marfa is a small-medium crossbody bag made of super soft leather.  I love the rich cognac color, and the size is just right for what I look for in a crossbody.  I can fit a small wallet/cardholder, sunglasses (and case!), keys, and a few other on-the-go necessities.

Bag Dimensions: 10.25" x 5.66" x 2.5"

The part of the bag that caught my eye is the triangle detailing around the edge of the flap.  It gives the bag a "summer festival" vibe, perfect to pair with cut-off jean shorts and a flowy tank.

The front has a faux-buckle detailing, while the flap actually closes with a metal pin and strap.  The strap has two different holes to choose from, which go over the metal pin and hold the bag securely shut.

The inside has blue striped lining, which I think compliments the bag really nicely.  It also features one large zip side pocket for smaller things.

The crossbody strap is leather as well, and features a buckle to adjust the length.

The triangle detailing continues around to the back of the bag.

Overall, I'm thrilled with this handbag and have received a number of compliments on it!

The Marfa Bag retails for $135 and is available through Madewell!

Do you have a favorite handbag for summer?
xx, Allison

P.S. The new video, if you haven't seen it already!

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