(Last updated 10/19/11)

What does "Amarixe" mean?
When I started my YouTube beauty channel, I honestly never thought I would get any views, and therefore didn't put much thought into an understandable username.  Amarixe is my first and middle names, Allison Marie, fused with an X in the middle.  Amarie was already taken on YouTube, so I decided to add an x.  Hence, Amarixe was born!

How is Amarixe pronounced?
Am (like ham), urrr (like her), and eeks (like squeaks).

How old are you?

What is your major in school?  What do you want to do for a career?
I am a double major in both psychology and communication.  YouTube has made me realize how much I love broadcasting, so I plan on pursuing a career in that direction.  However, I have a definite interest in a career in cosmetics as well!

What camera do you use to film your videos?
Almost all of my videos are shot with a Sony CX550V camcorder.  However, my recent on-the-go vlogs have been filmed with my new Canon ELPH 300HS camera.

Do you wear colored contacts?
Nope!  I used to wear normal contacts, but I got LASIK surgery in March 2011 and plan to never put a contact in my eye again (I hated them!).

What is your natural hair color?
Dirty blonde.

What is your favorite makeup brand?
MAC.  It is the only makeup brand that I actually feel a collective (nice word for hoarder) tendency toward.  The limited edition collections are like kryptonite to me.

Thanks for reading? xx, Allison